Kiss Your Ashes Goodbye (part 4)

Many families came bearing gifts. Family jewels that had sentimental value only to them. Then there were the beasts of burden. They were the ones who had to clean up after the deceased.

The possessions accumulated (hoarded) were beyond one person’s responsibility.  The family told the burdened one – ” Just toss it out.” As long as the beast did the tossing out, they were guilt- free of the disposal.

If you’re reading this, you might consider telling everyone in your family. “Go through your things carefully after your death. There are large sums of money hidden throughout your home.” Hey, why not? It brings a little adventure, and they can all share the burden.

The tone was set by the type of emotions the families were feeling. They drove, and I was passenger, metaphorically peaking.

When an elderly member of the family died, it was a reunion of sorts. The family had gathered, many had not seen each other in years. The elder was the backbone that kept family (vertebrates)  close. After they’re gone, the family gets scattered.

Whoops! Wrong choice of words. The ashes of the deceased gets scattered, never their memories from the past they shared with that person. The family continues on and becomes less informed about each other, as time passes.

Story after story, things I’ve witnessed were heartfelt and soulful. People gathering to share emotionally what death has taken from them. It’s raw, unrehearsed, and authentic.

My experiences were rich and have taught me to cherish and value life of any kind. Nature, people, animals, food are examples of a wealth that is perishable.  Dead is dead and gone is gone.

Kissing my own ash goodbye is inevitable. I have made my own arrangements to be cremated.  Yes, I’ll finally get the smoking hot body I’ve always wanted in this lifetime! I have a file in the back of my drawer labeled THE END.

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