The Finish Line!

We’re all running the human race, for some the finish line is closer than we would like to admit. Many of us have to endure the loss of someone who crossed that line. We’re left running our own race with a one sided conversation.

The conversation continues  between the living and the dead. There is unbroken continuity. After they have crossed that finish line, their character is kept alive within us.

Think about how often we think thoughts like this. “Mom would of loved that book.” Or “Dad loved to dance.” And what we memorialize in life because we shared it with a loved one.

After death our character is what we’ve left behind, for the living to hold onto. I have heard thousands of people speak and share memories about the deceased during memorial services.

Share your thoughts, stories, and experiences about the deceased. Keep them alive in your heart. Pass around the details of their lives to others who may have known them at a different capacity than you.

There are many facets to a person and we may have only experienced a few. Death brings about an openness and allows us to realize how multifaceted some were while alive.

Character has staying power. It’s the passing of the torch at the finish line of the human race…



One thought on “The Finish Line!

  1. What you say in this post is really true. Ten different people might offer 10 different insights on the same person. It shows how multiple our effects on others are, often when we are not at all aware of the impact we’re having on someone. Thanks for posting!


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