It’s been one week.

Or another way to write it, I’ve been ‘one weak’ since I had to take my dog in for his departure. I am feeling it every minute of the day. I want to write about the symbolism and the synchronicity that I have experienced.

There are always signs around death and dying from those who have moved on from our grasp. I have witnessed and experienced this in observation and on a personal level. It does provide a sense of peace to me. I’m not ready to write about that in this post.

Decompression Chamber

When underwater divers go deep down into the depth of the waters and they return to the surface. They remove their gear and oxygen tank and go to a decompression chamber. They need to adjust slowly to the current atmosphere. Everything inside the chamber is monitored until they are able to leave the chamber without risk to their health.

When I have to process a shocking event, sudden loss, or life changes, I feel I’ve gone to the depth of the waters. When I submerge after getting a grasp of my emotions, feelings, and bearings. I go into my own personal chamber to decompress.

I have to adjust to my life in it’s currant state. It takes time and patience to leave the chamber. I know when I’ll be ready to move forward without risk.

When in the chamber, you sit with your grief and pain and try to make peace with the discomfort. Not an easy job! I can try to avoid it by being on the go and keeping so busy I will have no time to process my emotions. I know that is wrong for me.

When divers come to surface and do not decompress they run the risk of getting the bends, and that can kill them. So here I sit in my chamber, I know I’m not thinking clearly and doing absent minded things. I left home with candles burning, I turned into a one way lane in the shopping center. This is a metaphor of  having the bends.

So I’m in the chamber with my depths of despair.




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